ShiftCentral / ShiftCentral sponsors Bloomberg Law’s Special Report

ShiftCentral sponsors Bloomberg Law’s Special Report

M&A trends reshape the legal industry. 

ShiftCentral is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Bloomberg Law’s Special Report: M&A Trends Reshape the Legal Industry. From cross-border deals to intellectual property investments, the special report examines key factors influencing decision makers’ approach to M&A.  

The report explores the record-breaking pace of mergers and acquisitions for law firms in 2018 and highlights how individual firms are approaching their investment and growth decisions. It also discusses how regulatory developments and national security are influencing the future of M&A in the United States. 

ShiftCentral sponsors Bloomberg Law’s Special Report

The report addresses: 

                    - Law firm merger binge on pace to break record 

                     - Sectors and companies on M&A’s leading edge 

                     - Compliance poses due diligence challenges in M&A  

                     - Valuing intangible influences cross-border M&A 

                     - New law guides M&A investment and security priorities 


Click here to download the report. 

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