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ShiftCentral Releases 'Legal Innovation Central' Podcast

ShiftCentral's "Legal Innovation Central" podcast, available on iTunes and Google Play, aims to help law firms and in-house legal teams stay abreast of ongoing, disruptive changes in the legal sector.

Legal Innovation Central Podcast

ShiftCentral's Legal Innovation Central podcast, hosted by Analyst Manager, Chris McKee, helps law firms keep pace with ongoing changes in the legal sector. The 5-minute weekly legal innovation podcast is currently available on iTunes and Google Play. 

The podcast, available for free, notes new entrants in the legal market and the re-emergence of "Big 4" accountancy firms into the sector while marking the evolution of disruptive technologies and business models. It also covers critical topics including blockchain, artificial intelligence and the use of Big Data. The Legal Innovation Central podcast keeps track of constantly shifting developments and how they can impact the strategy of law firms, corporate legal departments, and companies at large. 

“It’s a great way of staying on-point with industry developments,” says Mario Theriault, CEO and founder of ShiftCentral. 

The Legal Innovation Central podcast is a part of a larger, subscription-based Legal Innovation Central intelligence portal, which helps law firms and corporate counsel better adapt to new market forces altering the legal landscape.

Jeroen Plink, founder and former CEO of Practical Law USA and guest editor at Legal Innovation Central, notes “Legal Innovation Central delivers the information and insights you need to take action to maximize margins and mitigate risks, with a disciplined approach that filters and categorizes developments to ensure relevancy.”