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Common Questions

What is Legal Innovation Central?

Legal Innovation Central provides intelligence about innovation in the legal services industry, and has three essential components:

  1. Daily briefings delivered directly to you containing all the new data that is continually collected, sorted and analyzed by our dedicated legal innovation team;
  2. Dossiers distill all the essential on each topic – from background information to strategic trends – into concise, easy to digest papers; and
  3. All intelligence content, briefing items and dossiers, are accessible via our user friendly searchable online platform.

Where does the content come from?

Our team of analysts review more than 1,000 sources daily, including a full range of public domain data, such as government databases and publications, corporate statements and websites, marketing and press releases, academic publications, conference publications, industry associations and interest groups, and specialist as well as general media.

In addition, we scan high-quality subscription sources to identify relevant information that may be available through those channels.

We review developments and contextualize them based on their experience covering business strategy and operations in the legal services sector and our ongoing conversations and engagement with industry experts.

The dossiers are written by ShiftCentral’s research team, supported by legal industry experts.

How do I access Legal Innovation Central Intelligence Center?

You will receive a personalized link to Legal Innovation Central Intelligence Center when you sign up – this will grant you direct access.

Also, each daily briefing will have a link to the intelligence center in the top right-hand corner; clicking on this link will take you to the center directly.

You will need to enter your login information to access content.

How do I find the latest innovation developments in the intelligence center?

The fastest way to start looking for the latest information is to click on a topic icon – this will take you to a page that includes the most up-to-date dossiers and briefing items.

You can also jump to different topics at any time using the “Topic” drop-down list in the top left corner (directly below the Legal Innovation Central logo).

How to do a search in Legal Innovation Central Intelligence Center?

To search by keyword or sentence, use the search box, located in the upper left hand corner of the intelligence center.

You can also use the dynamic filters, located on the left hand margin of the center, which enable you to quickly and easily sort through past briefings and dossiers by topic, law firm, provider, location, date and more.

Can I export data from the intelligence center?

Yes – when you search for answers in Legal Innovation Central Intelligence Center, we make it easy for you to download the relevant information into many convenient formats. Simply use the Download buttons in the upper right-hand side of the search results screen to export into PDF, Excel or Word.

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