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The One-Stop MI Shop

The Opportunity

International Financial Data Services (IFDS) is a transfer agency working with the world's largest banks and mutual fund companies. The organization wanted to elevate its relationships from traditional “seller/vendor,” to ones of partnership. This would involve a range of enhancements, from developing a deeper understanding of what’s going on in its clients’ businesses, to adding to what IFDS talks about with its clients. IFDS believed it could raise the bar with a deeper investment in MI.

The Solution

IFDS partnered with ShiftCentral to receive consistent, effective, and efficient MI. Through a rigorous discovery process interviewing the client experience team, sales team, and a business intelligence analyst, ShiftCentral and IFDS were able to map out specific areas where actionable intelligence was needed, how it should be analyzed, as well as where and how it could be most effectively disseminated.

ShiftCentral assigned a dedicated intelligence analyst to track these key areas and report on them on a semi-weekly basis. These reports are distributed through several channels, including via a centralized platform – ShiftCentral’s Market Intelligence Center.

The Result

The organization’s expanded and improved intelligence platform enabled IFDS to...

  • Move from a practice of reacting to client feedback to anticipating client needs
  • Catalyze a cultural shift at IFDS: as team members gained a greater insight into their clients’ businesses, they began to engage with those clients on a new footing – as strategic partners seeking to help create value, rather than vendors selling a service.

More substantive conversations with clients were just the beginning. From collaborating with ShiftCentral, IFDS also discovered openings to establish thought leadership, and finding new opportunities to evolve as an organization.