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Extension of Our Team

The Context

Post Obama-Care, the health insurance industry is undergoing profound change. Payers will be rewarded for extracting costs out of the system. Old foes have merged, creating new competitive threats. New models of care delivery are emerging. And the race to innovation is now source of daily considerations and initiatives.

The Challenge

How do you add scale and capability to an expert market and competitive intelligence team when the sector is undergoing radical change, and there is no time (or headroom) to enlarge that team?

The senior management team of Guidewell’s Florida Blue, the state’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield company, tasked its market intelligence group to support the new strategic plan and the roll-out of new products.

The Opportunity

Florida Blue was already receiving market intelligence products and services from ShiftCentral, which include constantly enhanced curated content. These services tracked multiple issues such as macro-economics, employment and tourism numbers, consumer habits around wellness products, health patterns of the local communities, competitor moves, best practices, among many others. Innovation meant many things to Guidewell, from creating Florida Blue’s own retail stores, to building a state-of-the art Innovation Center in Orlando.

Above and beyond this organic approach to market intelligence led by ShiftCentral's analyst and team, the content needed to be more intimately tied to Guidewell’s planning needs. The market intelligence group’s leadership framed the more holistic and strategic use of market intelligence. Not only could the actionable market intelligence serve the organization’s goals and needs at any specific time, but its value as a strategic outsourced resource became measured through the successes of the organization as a whole.

The Results

The relationship between Florida Blue and ShiftCentral deepened. ShiftCentral, with its curated content, its in-house analysts and its tools and platform became a strategic asset. This enabled Guidewell to use ShiftCentral’s products and people to better scale—and leverage—its internal intelligence resources. When they needed baseline tracking, ShiftCentral delivered. When they needed deeper dives and analysis, ShiftCentral had that capacity as well. Florida Blue turned to ShiftCentral to assist in the preparation of the annual market and competitive overviews and assessments. When they needed to provide member benefits for the Innovation Center, Guidewell turned to ShiftCentral. ShiftCentral truly became an extension of Guidewell’s intelligence and strategy teams.