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About ShiftCentral

Boutique market intelligence.

Curated by humans. Actioned by you.

ShiftCentral was founded to provide busy C-suite executives with helpful and relevant information, that they can apply to delivering their strategic objectives.

We do this by having human analysts at the heart of our company, bringing accuracy, quality, and finesse that AI-driven solutions can’t.

Instead of clogging up your inbox with hundreds of items based on keywords, that you then have to comb through to find relevance, they’ll talk to you about the questions you need answered, and deliver those answers.

The ShiftCentral way

To do this, we start the client journey with an exploration phase. This will make sure the questions you think you want answered are actually the ones you need to have answered. After that, we’ll provide you with:

And it works. We have a 93% client retention rate - they stay with us because of the high quality of what we deliver.

about shiftcentral

 Find out more about our management team, and the experience that leads ShiftCentral's delivery of customized, actionable intelligence.

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